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Whole bean coffee blends are high art.

Cafe Joe expertly creates specialty coffee blends, using the striking flavors of carefully-sourced single-origin beans as building blocks to give our customers beautiful, balanced-but-bold coffee experiences every time.
Our gourmet coffee blends are curated by an Italian coffee broker, with each unique coffee blend enhancing the existing flavors and aromas in each type of coffee bean.

Types of coffee blends:

Coffee blends can vary greatly in flavor and intensity based on the specific ratio of beans.

For example, our Rosh Hashanah coffee blends six single-origin beans from Costa Rica, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Colombia. This combination produces a milky, rich cup of coffee that combines the brightness of Central American beans with the winey, plum notes of African beans. With a medium roast for balanced flavor, it’s an aromatic and artisanal blend, perfect to enjoy as an afternoon pick-me-up.

Our Boker Blend (Boker means “morning” in Hebrew) is designed to be the cup of coffee you are excited to wake up to in the morning. Combining mild and bright flavors from Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, and Guatemala, Boker is smooth and slightly bitter, with a touch of floral sweetness. The light roast maintains a nice acidity in the cup, with a subtle toasted-grain taste and a nice punch of caffeine — perfect for your first cup of the day.

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