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French Press Travel Mug: Double Shot
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Voted the ‘Best New Product’ by the Specialty Coffee Association and selected as an ‘Editor’s Pick’ by Parade Magazine, the “Double Shot” French press travel mug is truly the right choice for enjoying great coffee anywhere your passions take you.

Constructed of double-walled, vacuum insulated stainless steel, it’s incredibly durable, keeps coffee hot for hours and won’t impart flavors as you switch from your favorite coffee to tea.

A durable steel handle with a carabiner-friendly hole makes it easy to take anywhere.  Another feature is the super-secret storage container hidden in the bottom of the Double Shot.  Store an extra shot of coffee, tea, cocoa or whatever you love to drink for a second brew later. The secret canister is great for storing cash, keys, or anything else that needs to be stashed for your journey.

The innovative plunger design and a secondary drink spout screen make for a perfectly clean brew for hours of adventuring.  So get out there and enjoy double the quality and quantity of your favorite brew – and who knows, maybe you’ll go twice as far.

The Double Shot can be used to press coffee, tea, cacao, and maté.

To use, simply place French press grind (slightly more coarse than drip) coffee in the Double Shot French press travel mug.  Add sugar or cream if desired. Pour “near” boiling water over the grounds, carefully put on the lid assembly. Wait about 4 minutes (depending on desired strength) press the plunger down, hit the trail and enjoy.

This product does NOT feature the Brü-Stop press technology.


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