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Keurig K Cup Variety Pack (4 boxes)
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Our K Cup Coffee variety pack features one box of each of our 4 boxes of Keurig coffee. This variety pack of k cup coffee consists of a total of 96 K-cups, with 24 of each variety.

Rosh Hashana Blend - This sweet Arabica medium-roast K-Cup coffee blend has a strong body and bold flavor, excellent for drinking black or mixing with a cup of hot milk or for a perfect K-Cup cappuccino. With its chocolaty sweetness and hints of baking bread, this milky blend’s richness is balanced by its mild acidity and notes of plum to create a full-bodied cup of Keurig coffee.

Joe Americano Blend - A full-bodied, medium-roast Keurig coffee blend created specifically for American coffee lovers. These Keurig K-Cups’ sweet and nutty taste is strongly influenced by Tanzanian beans. The kosher coffee blend is balanced, with a bright citrus tart and a rich body, which makes it perfect for a rich aromatic filter coffee, espresso or a delicious cappuccino.

Boker Blend - A a slightly bitter, yet delicate bodied k-cup coffee blend of Arabica beans. This kosher breakfast coffee has a bright floral sweetness of sunflowers and pears that creates a smooth, drinkable body.

Decaf - The keurig decaf k-cups feature a wonderful taste with hints of graham cracker, balanced by overtones of peach and mango, giving you smooth and caffeine-free Keurig coffee.

Note: 4 boxes each with 24 cups per box