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The Keurig Machine is the original single serve coffee maker, known for brewing quick, convenient, mess-free cups of coffee. The household-name coffee machine is a staple in homes, offices, and hotels across the U.S., with dozens of machines and hundreds of Keurig coffee pod varieties to choose from. Keurig coffee is easy and consistent, making it a go-to choice for many Americans to get their daily caffeine fix.

If you’re on the hunt for a Keurig of your own, deep diving into specs and reviews can make shopping a stressful or overwhelming process. That’s why we’ve done the work to help you choose the best Keurig machine based on your lifestyle.

Keurig Coffee vs. Drip Coffee

Keurig Coffee and drip coffee are similar in that they use similar brewing methods: Hot water is poured over roasted, ground coffee beans to make coffee. With a drip coffee, users typically add medium to coarse coffee grounds to a coffee filter, placing that filter inside a machine. This typically brews an entire pot of coffee to be enjoyed by multiple people over the course of a few hours. Because drip coffee machines often brew a whole pot, the brewing process takes longer than Keurig, which produces single-serve coffee. Keurig users simply place the coffee pod into the machine, add water to the tank, and press a button to start the process, the cup of hot coffee brewing in seconds.

Keurig Coffee vs. Instant Coffee

While Keurig coffee does brew quickly — often in less than a minute! — it is very different from Instant Coffee. Instant coffee is coffee that has been pre-brewed and then dried out. Users can empty a packet into a cup of hot water, and the dried flakes will instantly begin to melt in the water, producing coffee. While this can be good for situations when you don’t have access to a coffee maker, instant coffee typically comes with a bitter or sour taste. What you gain in convenience, you lose in overall quality.
Keurig coffee can’t be considered Instant Coffee because Keurig machines actually brew your coffee on the spot, with hot water running through the roasted coffee grounds inside Keurig K-Cups. The fact that they brew single-serve cups, and the overall design of the machine, makes for a very fast and convenient freshly-brewed cup of Joe.

Benefits of a Keurig Machine

Keurig machines are popular for a reason. Here’s a list of their major benefits and why people tend to like them so much:

  • Keurig machines brew extremely fast, convenient cups of single-serve coffee
  • Keurigs are easy to clean — just wipe with a damp towel and you’re good to go
  • Keurigs brew consistent cups of coffee across all models
  • Keurig users have access to hundreds of roasts and flavors and via convenient K-Cups
  • Just pop the K-cup in and brew. No measuring, no mess, no clean-up.
  • K-Cups are well-filtered, so you don’t have to worry about chunks or grounds in your coffee
  • You can set your brew size too small, medium, or large, depending on how much coffee you want.

Are K-Cups and Nespresso Capsules the Same Thing?

The short answer is no. You cannot brew a Nespresso capsule in a Keurig Machine, and you cannot brew a K-Cup in a Nespresso machine. While the idea of delicious, single-serve coffee is the same across both machines, they are different beasts that serve different purposes. Nespresso machines are known for producing espresso-based drinks, while Keurigs are known for convenient, quick-brewing, single-serve drip coffee.

The Best Keurig Machines for Every Lifestyle

The rundown:

Busy people: Keurig K475 Single Serve K- Cup Pod Coffee Machine

Value-hunters: Keurig K55 Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Machine

Espresso aficionados: Keurig K-Cafe Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Machine

Space Savers: Keurig K15 Single Serve Compact K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker

Everyone at the office: Keurig K145 OfficePRO Brewing System

The Reviews:


Keurig K475 single serve K-cup pod coffee machine

For Busy People: Keurig K475 Review

The Keurig 475 is known for its speed — it can both heat water and brew coffee exceptionally fast, making it ideal for a user who is always on the go. What’s more, busy people can even program the machine to begin brewing a cup before even getting out of bed (nothing like the smell of coffee to coax someone out of bed when they have to wake up early).

The K475 is an extremely versatile machine, with 5 cup sizes, 3 carafe sizes, a strength control setting, and 5 temperature settings. You can truly customize your coffee to your exact preference.

Be warned, this is not the most compact coffee maker — make sure you have the counter space!

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For Value-hunters: Keurig K55 Review 

While not the cheapest available Keurig machine, the K55 is an incredible value. The coffee maker has a large water reservoir that can brew 6 cups of coffee back to back. It’s easy and intuitive to use, comes with customizable settings, and an auto-off feature for those of us on the run.

The K55 is also compatible with all K-cup brands, making it a versatile and easy machine at a good price. 

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Keurig K-Cafe single serve K-cup pod coffee machine

Espresso Aficionados: Keurig K-Cafe Review

For anyone who loves a good espresso — or simply wants more variety in their coffee drinking life — the $179 K-Cafe Espresso Coffee Maker is a clear choice. It’s extremely user-friendly and intuitive to use, with an attached milk frother so the foam can be added to the espresso to make cappuccinos, lattes, and the like.

The K-Cafe is a solid choice for an espresso lover who still wants the convenience and versatility of a Keurig Machine. 

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Keurig K15 single serve compact K-cup pod coffee maker

For Space Savers: Keurig K15 Review

If counter space is an issue, look no further than the Keurig K15 Compact coffee maker. With a small size of 10.8'' H x 6.9'' W x 10.7'' D, you can stash this in small kitchens without sacrificing much-needed space. It brews one cup of coffee at a time (you can select between 3 size options). It doesn’t have a high-capacity reservoir, so you’ll need to add water for each use. This is a simple, no-frills option — just press the button and brew — but that makes the coffee maker easy and intuitive to use, even for beginners.  

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Keurig K145 OfficePRO brewing system

Everyone at The Office: Keurig K145 Review

The K145 give office coffee an upgrade.

OfficePRO is designed to be durable for regular use in a busy office, which means it’s bulkier and sturdier than a normal model at home. It’s not as customizable as many other models, but the fact that it’ll last through dozens of brews a day, every day, makes it the ideal choice for an office.

Users can choose between 3 cup sizes, and the large 48-oz water tank extends the time between refills. And because there might be a line for coffee in the morning, the OfficePro is designed to brew coffee in record time: Water heating takes only a minute and the coffee brews in less than 30 seconds.

The officePRO is louder than other Keurigs, but the noise is an easy trade to make in exchange for machine durability and quick, convenient brewing.

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