Meet the 13 Varieties of Nespresso Compatible Capsules from Cafe Joe!

Cafe Joe USA wants you to love every aspect of your coffee experience.  That is why we have created the perfect espresso capsules, compatible with your favorite Nespresso machine.

Every step of the way - roasting, blending, packing, design, brewing and drinking experience has been meticulously planned to give you the perfect cup, every time.  Join us in exploring the Cafe Joe’s World of Flavor created especially for you, the true coffee lover.

Beginning the Journey

Your favorite cup of coffee had an amazing journey across the world in order to reach your home.  Thousands of people from around the world worked in cooperation with the goal of creating the perfect drinking experience for you.

The Cafe Joe coffee journey begins at specially selected lush coffee plantations in nations near the equator.  Once the beans have lovingly prepared for export, they come from across the world to meet in one of the great coffee capitals of the world - Italy. Cafe Joe has partnered with the same Italian coffee broker for more than twenty years.  Our Italian partners are renowned for the quality of their coffee - something you have recognized from the first sip.

To the Heart of the Holyland

Once the perfect coffee beans are chosen, they are shipped from Italy to Israel, the home of Cafe Joe.  In our state of the art facility in the heart of Israel, each variety of beans is small batch roasted separately at the exact temperature necessary for that specific bean.  With almost a century of combined experience, the coffee masters of Cafe Joe use the right amount of each type of beans to create the beautifully delicious blends that you have come to love.

With the perfect blends ready, Cafe Joe coffee is packed into gorgeously designed capsules.  These specialty capsules are created in Europe to the highest standards of European specifications. Our award winning capsules offer an outstanding oxygen barrier which ensures the fresh taste and aroma from the moment it is made. Every time you brew, the wonderful aroma and taste is accompanied  by the rich crema that Cafe Joe is renowned for.  Each of our delicious blends goes into its uniquely designed capsule so that you always know which of our wonderful coffees is in your cup.

A World of Flavor

A skilled coffee master can create an endless amount of coffee blends.  Cafe Joe has selected thirteen of our finest blends for our magnificent espresso capsules.


Italian style. Israeli boldness. Artisanal espresso you’ll crave waking up to each morning.

Espresso capsules in Cafe Joe’s beloved house blend contain 100% Arabica coffee beans, impeccably sourced by a world-renowned Italian coffee broker and small-batch roasted to bold perfection in our factory in Israel.

With a fruity acidity and honey aftertaste, the rich espresso is perfect on its own or paired with milk for lattes and cappuccinos.


The same great taste, minus the shakes.

Cafe Joe’s Nespresso compatible decaf capsules are decaffeinated using the all-natural, chemical-free Swiss water process to remove 99.9% of caffeine — without sacrificing bold flavor.

Our decaf espresso capsules feature the same superior Arabica beans in our Joe House Blend, sourced by a world-renowned coffee broker in Italy and roasted in our Israel factory.

With a fruity acidity and a slightly-sweet, honey finish, the Nespresso compatible capsules produce a delicious espresso to drink on its own or with milk at any time of day, totally jitter-free.

Extra Strong

For the days when a normal cup of Joe won’t cut it.

We’ve roasted a beautiful, bold cup of coffee you can brew in mere minutes using Cafe Joe extra strong espresso capsules and a Nespresso machine. 

Featuring coffee beans carefully curated from four continents by a world-renowned Italian coffee broker, this blend combines high mountain-grown Arabicas with strong African Robustas for intense, bold flavor with dark chocolate tones with a bright cherry finish.

Ultra Strong

Ultra-strong coffee, for those who truly love bold flavor.

Cafe Joe’s world-renowned Italian coffee broker sourced and combined high-mountain grown Arabica beans with African-grown Robustas to create a bold bend with intense, full-bodied flavor even more intense than our Extra-Strong Espresso Capsules.

Costa Rica

This delicious coffee blend inspired by the tropical country is all you could expect from a quality Costa Rican coffee. A rich, full-bodied blend and a round taste with notes of mild sweetness and soft touches of well-balanced bitterness and sourness. The perfect pleasure to open your day here and feel a little there too.


Let these Colombian espresso capsules sweep you away to the beautiful and faraway districts of Colombia, without ever having to leave your kitchen.

With this espresso blend, we’ve distilled the essence of the Colombian experience in a Nespresso-compatible capsule. Inspired by Colombia’s bold coffee culture, the full-bodied blend is spiced with fruit touches, with a well-balanced acidity and a bright, floral finish.


Cubans know good coffee (and so do we).

Inspired by the strong, sweet boldness of traditional Cuban coffee, we sought to capture rich Caribbean flavor in our Cuba espresso capsules.

Cafe Joe’s artisanal espresso comes from superior Arabica beans, sourced and carefully curated in Italy before arriving at our Israel factory for roasting.

Channeling Cafe de Cuba is now easier than ever, with Nespresso compatible capsules that feature hints of dark chocolate and Cuban tobacco, brewing bold espresso and cappuccinos to enjoy each morning and throughout your day.


Our perfect espresso blend contains 100% select Arabica coffee beans. The blend is subtle, balanced, offering a hint of hazelnut flavor and a bitter finish


A blend intended for everyday pleasure, with touches of robusta coffee to create full-bodied espresso and soft and smooth cappuccino. The rich bodied cocoa and candied fruit flavored blend, with a clean finish enables you to enjoy exceptional coffee throughout the day.


A strong and sweet blend containing 100% select Arabica coffee beans. As a mixture between coffee beans originating in Central and South America and coffee beans from Tanzania, the blend provides a long and smooth flow, priding itself on a full body of nutty honey and a slightly acidic finish. Perfect for espresso after a meal or for rich and pampering cappuccino.


A decadent blend of exceptional South American coffee beans paired with rich, deep flavors of superior chocolate. The smooth bodied coffee is a perfect duet of aroma and taste. Cafe Joe uses only natural flavors in each of our deliciously flavored varieties.


A delicate blend of superior coffee matched with a velvety vanilla flavor and aroma. It is both rich in flavor and soft in texture. Cafe Joe uses only natural flavors in each of our deliciously flavored varieties.


A delicious blend of premium South American coffee beans in a balanced harmony with caramel flavor. Treat yourself to the perfect serving of sweetness.  Cafe Joe uses only natural flavors in each of our deliciously flavored varieties.

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