Cafe Joe Coffee Capsules won the Product of The Year 2016

After selling over 10 million coffee capsules in less than one year, Cafe Joe gourmet coffee has taken first place as the product of the year, for its capsules sealed with innovative technology, ensuring maximal freshness, rich creamy texture, and excellent flavor

This year, Café Joe, Israel’s largest café chain, launched coffee capsules produced using innovative technology that prevents the infiltration of oxygen, thus maintaining maximum freshness without the need for special storage conditions.  In addition, at the top of the capsule is a fastening cap that simulates the activity of the barista by compressing the coffee, and creates a particularly rich cream that contributes to the enhancement of the coffee experience that Joe offers.

Joe has established itself as a significant player in the coffee capsule market, after having sold 10 million capsules within less than a year.  The chain has announced the Sealed Capsule Revolution, yet another revolution in the Nespresso compatible coffee capsule market.

The new capsules offer a variety of strengths and flavors:

  • Joe Blend: A blend containing 100% choice Arabica coffee beans with fruity acid character and a touch of honey
  • Trieste: Espresso blend with 100% Arabica coffee beans, a mild blend with touches of hazelnut.
  • Chiari: A blend with touches of Robusta beans with a rich body and cocoa and candied fruit flavors
  • Lucca: A honey nut flavored blend with a tangy aftertaste.
  • Extra Strong: A blend containing coffee beans from 4 continents and has a mild bittersweet chocolate flavor with a cherry aftertaste.
  • Ultra Strong: The strongest coffee capsule in Israel. The blend is based on powerful African coffee strains, and its opening tastes are bittersweet chocolate and cherries.

Joe gourmet coffee: Product of The Year – The Most Innovative Product in its category in Israel in 2016

The product of the Year is a worldwide concept running in over 30 countries (USA, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Brazil etc.).

For more than 28 years and all over the world, Product of the Year rewards innovation of products and services in various segments and categories.

Voted for by members of the public, it helps consumers to find the best new products or services and helps manufacturers and service providers to boost sales.

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