Introducing Flavored Nespresso Compatible Capsules!

We are proud to announce that we are expanding our Cafe Joe USA line of Nespresso compatible capsules with our limited edition run of flavored espresso!

After months of testing and feedback from our customers, we have launched three limited edition flavors, Vanilla, Chocolate and Caramel. Each of these varieties is based on unique premium espresso blends paired with all-natural flavors from Italy. The beautifully designed capsules are individualized for each flavor and are compatible with every Nespresso origionaline machine.
We have built our reputation on our delicious premium coffee, so we had to make sure that our flavored espresso capsules would meet our loyal customers high expectations.  It took months to find the right flavor provider in Italy, choose the perfect all-natural flavors and pair them with the ideal espresso blend for each flavor.  We are extremely pleased with the final results and we know that coffee lovers will love them.
These Limited-Edition Flavors come in three delectable varieties: velvety vanilla, decadent chocolate and sweet caramel.  They can be enjoyed as a tempting cappuccino, a luxurious latte or a sweet touch to your perfect espresso.
Vanilla: A delicate blend of superior coffee matched with a velvety vanilla flavor and aroma. It is both rich in flavor and soft in texture.
Caramel: A delicious blend of premium South American coffee beans in a balanced harmony with caramel flavor. Treat yourself to the perfect serving of sweetness.
Chocolate: A decadent blend of exceptional South American coffee beans paired with rich, deep flavors of superior chocolate. The smooth bodied coffee is a perfect duet of aroma and taste.

We are always innovating and looking for new ways to delight our loyal Cafe Joe family. We will be introducing more exciting new products in the coming weeks and we will add new special edition coffees shortly thereafter.
Whatever we create - we do it with the sole intention of making every experience with Cafe Joe a fantastic experience.

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