For those who drink their coffee black

Black coffee drinkers of the world, unite!

While everyone else gets dazzled by all that fancy creamer art or icy coffee smoothies, it’s the black coffee fans who know the real taste of coffee. When you drink it black, there’s no fake-outs, no smoothing it over, no way to pretend a bad cup is better than it really is. Black coffee drinkers drink their coffee as it is and aren’t willing to take substitutes. That’s probably why they’re not in the game for cheap drinks.

While black coffee fans swear by their taste preference—much to the confusion of those creamier fans out there-there are also a number of reasons that, when it comes down to it, drinking coffee black is probably the best way to do it. If you’re thinking about making the switch, but need to learn more first, here are some reasons that black is the best. 

The Health Benefits

When it comes down to it, this is probably the biggest reason that in an ideal world, everyone would take their coffee black. Sure, the health benefits of drinking coffee (in moderation!) have been touted by a number of studies, but once you take out those fatty additives like cream, butter, or sugar, the health benefits of coffee really shine.

If this whole “coffee is healthy” thing is new to you, here are just a few benefits of having a cup or two of black coffee today: it’s positively loaded with antioxidants, improves your liver functioning, reduces depression, keeps your system cleansed, reduces your risk of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and diabetes. These benefits, while still there, are greatly diminished once you start adding things like sugar to your brew. So if you drink it black, you’re basically taking the most enjoyable medicine in the world. In moderation, of course.

Less Maintenance, Less Stress, and it Stays Hotter Longer

Who wants to prepare a cappuccino first thing in the morning when they wake up? Even if you “just” have cream and sugar in your coffee, the type of cream and sugar you prefer can dictate a lot of your enjoyment. All creamer people have had the annoying situation where they stay over at someone else’s house, wake up in the morning, and find out that their host only uses almond milk, brown sugar, or what have you.

You know what takes all that annoyance away? Drinking your coffee black. Now, all you need is the coffee itself, and a cup.

Drinking black coffee makes you a low-maintenance houseguest, but also makes your own life easier as well. It cuts your costs, makes cleanup less time-consuming, and makes a statement that everyone can appreciate. Besides that, since it stays hotter for longer, you can take your time with the cup, and really enjoy it—once you get used to the taste, anyway.

You’re in Good Company

Okay, so no one’s going to change the way they drink their coffee based on how a celebrity does it. And really, considering how popular coffee is, the vast majority of celebrities probably have a cup or two daily. However, black coffee fans are known for being proponents of their preferred beverage, and some big names are happy passengers on the black coffee train.

Probably the most notable, of course, is director David Lynch, whose love of black coffee is so intense that it became something of a running theme in Twin Peaks. Meanwhile, actress Sofia Vergara gave voice to black coffee lovers everywhere when she said, “I like it black. I like it strong, I don’t put sugar or anything in it — I really like tasting the flavor of the coffee." That’s the spirit. For more classical examples, look to Beethoven and the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard.

In any case, if you’ve avoided black coffee up until this point—or never given it a fair chance—now is the time to try it. After all, if all these black coffee enthusiasts swear by it, they must be doing something right. Try our gourmet whole beans and start enjoying those great coffee flavors!

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