Everything You Need to Know About Aromatic Israel Coffee

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Each country has a signature type of coffee and a coffee culture that best represents them. In Ethiopia, they practice a coffee ceremony with three stages. This type of ceremony not only focuses on the coffee but also on spiritual aspects. Another coffee culture that you should know is Israeli coffee.

Israeli coffee is one of the best coffees in the world. It is incredibly popular and is most prominent in Jewish populations since its conception in Europe in 1948. During this time, Jews have established their mark in the coffee industry by starting coffee businesses focused on roasting. After the holocaust, the Jews made their way back to their homeland and shared their experiences and knowledge of coffee to their country. 

If you're curious about Israeli coffee and want to know more, this article will talk about all the basics of this type of coffee and how you can enjoy one at home:

What is Israeli coffee?

When a cup of Israeli coffee is handed to you, the first few things you will notice is its rich and vibrant aroma. Later on, you'll experience its unique tasting notes. 

One of the primary components of Israeli coffee is the use of cardamom spice. Spices are a widespread ingredient in many Middle East regions so it's no surprise that Israelis have included this intense spice to their coffee. Spices add more depth to the aroma and more layers to the coffee's taste.

There are two types of Israeli coffee. The first is a cooked version, which is also known as Kafe Turki or Kafe Shachor. This black coffee is cooked in a pot called finjan and is often unfiltered. The second type of Israeli coffee is the uncooked version called Kafe Botz or mud coffee. Mud coffee is made by boiling the coffee beans with sugar and cardamom, giving it its unique and delicious taste.

How do I make Israeli coffee?

Proficiency is required in making Israeli coffee. The coffee culture in Israel is vibrant because coffee is a huge part of different types of ceremonies. Although Israeli coffee is an integral part of various traditions, there is only one way to make these coffee cups. 

What you need to make Israeli coffee:

  1. Finjan - One of the essential tools you need to make Israeli coffee is this long-handled pot. This pot has a broader bottom and a narrow top that helps serve the coffee to your guests.
  2. Glass cup - Most Israeli serve their coffee in glass cups. However, you can also serve it in an espresso cup. 
  3. Israeli ground coffee - The star of the show, which you shouldn't forget, is Israeli coffee. 
  4. Sugar and cardamom - Israelis are very generous in adding these ingredients to their coffee, but ensure to consider your preference.

How to make Kafe Shachor:

  1. Add water to your finjan and place it in low to medium heat.
  2. Once the water is hot enough, add your sugar and let it reach the boiling point. 
  3. After boiling, remove the finjan from the heat source and add your coffee and cardamom.
  4. Stir everything well and quickly until everything is dissolved.
  5. Return the finjan to the heating stove, and continue steering until coffee foams up.
  6. Pour coffee in the cup and serve.


Because Israeli coffee is incredibly easy to make, you can have the best coffee at home by following the easy steps above. Trying different types of coffee is a great way to immerse yourself in different cultures and learn more about their ceremonies and traditions. 

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