Crazy Cool Coffee Accessories From Café Joe

Coffee Rules

We live in an era where coffee doesn’t have to be boring anymore. With everything from lattes to Turkish coffee becoming commonplace, the world of the java bean has become the artist’s canvas of the 21st century. However, if you want to spice up your coffee routine, there’s no reason you have to drive out to the nearest coffee shop to do so: after all, what’s better than making a swanky cup of coffee right at home, and impressing all your friends with your cool café gear?

Interested? We thought so. Here at Café Joe, we offer a number of awesome, unique coffee products geared toward the more creative, quirky, coffee fanatics out there. Here are a couple big ones that we really recommend checking out next time you want to brew a batch of the miracle beverage.

The Tumbler of your dreams

No, we’re not talking about that military vehicle that Bruce Wayne turned into the Batmobile, but trust us, our coffee tumbler, which retails for $16.99, is every bit as cool.

Some people chug their coffee down like a gas swallows gasoline, but if you like taking your time on a cup—and you want it to stay hot and ready while you work, drive, or whatever else you need to do—this coffee tumbler is your friend, with a tapered body designed to fit perfectly in your hand. The lid is 100% spill-proof and lockable, so you won’t ever have to worry about spilling coffee on your keyboard. Furthermore, when it comes to protecting your health, the Café Joe Tumbler is made with stainless steel and is BPA-free.

And yes, to answer Batman’s question, it does come in black. 

The Cannister that won’t lock in air

You know the only problem with getting a nice, fresh, glossy bag of coffee beans? When exposure to oxygen robs them of their flavor in a few days. But don’t worry, we have a solution: the Café Joe Coffee Storage Cannister. 

What’s so great about it? Well, while most food storage canisters lock in the air with their contents, Café Joe’s Airscape® design actually forces the air right out of the canister, thereby meaning that all those fresh and glossy coffee beans stay fresh and glossy. It holds about 1 pound of coffee beans, and as an extra touch, the clear lid will allow you to easily spot how much you have left without exposing the beans to air.

Time for the Steel Toe

Making coffee on the go is hard. Pour overs are small but require hot water and an extended brew time. Besides that, what if you’re looking for pressed coffee, and you don’t want to drag your French press everywhere?

Meet the Steel Toe Coffee Press, the solution to your pressing needs. Made of durable, insulated stainless steel, the Steel Toe uses a Brü-Stop press to create a barrier between the grounds and the brewed coffee, once you’ve fully pressed down, thereby ensuring that your cup never gets over-extracted or bitter. This means all you need to do is press, drink, and bring it with you, as the coffee will stay hot for hours. Getting a perfect cup of coffee will only take 3-5 minutes, and the Steel Toe is also effective for brewing tea, cacao, and maté.

Here comes the Double Shot

Finally, here comes the crème de la crème of the Café Joe collection. Voted as the Best New Product by the Specialty Coffee Association, and then selected as an Editor’s Pick by Parade Magazine, Café Joe’s French Press Travel Mug allows you to bring your French press anywhere you go.

What makes it a “double shot?” Try this on for size: at the bottom of the canister is a secret storage container which allows you store an extra shot of coffee for later, as soon as you’re ready for your second brew. Of course, you can also store anything else there as well, from keys to credit cards: the choice is up to you. The Double Spot also features an innovative plunger design and a secondary drink spout screen, which work together to create a perfectly clean brew. Great flavor, stays hot, has all the advantages of using a French press at home—except with the Double Shot, you can bring your coffee on the road. Get this adventure started!