Coffee + Food = Delicious: Food Recipes with Coffee

Coffee & Food

We all know how wonderful coffee is as a drink, but as a food? That’s like uncharted territory… or so you’d think. In reality, renegade chefs have been using coffee as an ingredient in some seriously delicious meals for a long time. In the age of the internet, some of these old-time recipes are spreading out to the world, surprising even the most devout coffee aficionados with the revelation of just how versatile their favorite beverage is. No, we’re not talking about mere coffee cakes or coffee cookies: the culinary potential of coffee goes way deeper.

Is it time to start storing an extra bag of coffee with the spices, baking goods, and oils? That’s up to you, but here are some great recipes you can add a little dab of coffee into. Get hyped.

Time for some Coffee Burgers

Crazy as it might sound, Amanda of has found a way to make burgers taste even better than they already did. Her burger recipe not only adds a coffee seasoning mix to the proceedings—made of a little ground coffee, along with some of the more usual suspects like onion powder and garlic powder—but also includes a Dr. Pepper barbeque sauce, combining the famous soda with America’s favorite breakfast drink to create burgers that are out of this world.

Would you like some coffee in that gravy?

Sure, country ham is great on its own, but everyone knows it’s even better when you add some gravy. You know what makes the gravy even better, though? Coffee, according to Rhoda Boone. Boone’s so-called “Red-Eye gravy” is made after you brown the ham. Don’t clean the skillet: first, pour ½ a cup black coffee into it, then add some chicken broth and a ½ teaspoon of sugar. Add a little more butter, whisk it up, and you’ll have the best gravy in your neighborhood. If you’re not a fan of ham, just use a different meat like chicken, duck, et cetera.

A different kind of coffee ice cream

Your favorite type of ice cream is certainly the coffee-flavored variety (or is it?), but that’s not what we’re talking about. Rather, we’re referring to the reverse approach, of adding ice cream to your coffee. This drink is so popular that it’s earned the name “affogato,” and as the Food Network describes, it can be perfected with a little espresso, as well as chopped hazelnuts and shaved dark chocolate.

Coffee salad vinaigrette

Hey, it can’t all be about meats and ice cream. If you’re wanting to do something lighter and less fatty, like a salad, has the recipe for you. Obviously you’re not going to dump coffee into the finished salad itself, since that wouldn’t make sense, but rather, it’s a key ingredient in the vinaigrette. You’re going to need a food processor, but all you need then is garlic, balsamic vinegar, maple syrup, walnuts, Dijon mustard, olive oil, and salt and pepper. Put all of this into the processor—as well as two tablespoons of brewed coffee—and blend. Goes great with any salad.

Mix some coffee into that black bean soup

This one takes some preparation, but if you want a healthy, smoky soup that you’ll never forget, with a little coffee added in, Joyce Hendley has the answers. First, though, you’ll want to get one pound of dried black beans and soak them overnight. After that, you’ll heat up a Dutch oven and start cooking up some healthy ingredients like onions, bell pepper, garlic, and celery, add in some spices, pour in the beans and water, a bay leaf… and, wonderfully enough, two cups of brewed coffee, which will give the soup its wonderful, smoky taste. Once everything is cooked, puree the soup in a blender, heat it up again on the stove, and enjoy. Make extra, so you can keep eating it for a few days!