Cafe Joe USA Now Accepts Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies

You can now buy coffee with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency options!

While the most historic purchase might have been a pizza a few years back, buying coffee with Bitcoin has become the most recent aspirational purchase.

It’s not necessarily due to a specific demand from the cryptocurrency community for that bitter, morning beverage that fuels America (although, we’re sure that day trading requires a proper dosage of caffeine.). It’s rather the idea that bitcoin would be integrated into our daily lives enough to purchase a pull of espresso, which has been an aspirational goal for many early adopters of cryptocurrencies.

The popular cryptocurrency that’s captured the hearts of techies, investors, and anarchists alike, has always been hampered by high transaction fees and long transfer times, making buying everyday items less than ideal. A few thousand more miners and a segwit integration later, we’re finally able to make that coffee purchase a reality.

And with that, Cafe Joe USA now supports the Coinbase payment option and Nano.

Coinbase Commerce, a cryptocurrency exchange and storage site, has just recently rolled out their payment integrations, with Cafe Joe USA quickly adopting the technology. Our forward-thinking approach to commerce is what has brought Israeli-based Cafe Joe to American homes, and now to crypto coffee lovers around the world.

“We are very excited to see forward-thinking companies like Cafe Joe embrace the emerging trend towards cryptocurrency as a viable way to handle transactions.  This is an exciting time in the evolution of technology and the early adopters will have a leg up on the competition once blockchain hits the mainstream. “

-Pierre Kennel, CEO, Crypto Concierge  

History of Cafe Joe

Cafe Joe’s 20+ years as one of the leading coffee companies in Israel may lead you to believe we’re a company set in our ways. But through our many decades of selling coffee, one thing has stayed constant: innovation.

"Trailblazing companies with Digital Assets integration into their businesses lay the groundwork for mass-adoption and ultimately foster a higher and more secure level of trust between sellers and buyers." 

- Meir "Wex" Wexler, Head of BD at Metriq Ventures/Family Office Crypto-Advisor.

Whether it be the adoption of Nespresso pods or our expansive network of Israeli coffee shops, we strive to provide the best customer experience—and that means adopting the latest and greatest technology.

Don't forget to try any of our new coffee capsule flavors and whole bean coffee options.

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