Café Joe Nespresso Compatible Capsules are now available in the US

Cafe Joe, Israel's leading coffee chain with around 250 branches and points of sales across the country, has partnered with Karsh Industries LLC to bring their Nespresso compatible capsules and coffee to the United States as Café Joe USA. Since Cafe Joe opened its doors in 1997, Café Joe has earned a reputation for bringing high quality coffee to the marketplace at a price point that consumers love. 

 As Nespresso has grown in popularity in the US, more companies are offering alternatives to expensive Nespresso capsules. Cafe Joe has established itself as an international leader in this industry based on our extremely high quality and affordable prices. The initial US launch consists of the Café Joe Nespresso compatible capsules. Available in sleeves of 10 capsules, Café Joe USA’s100% Arabica Nespresso compatible capsules are available in a variety of blends selected and designed by Joe’s coffee experts including some limited edition as Columbia and Costa Rica and a unique decaffeinated capsule, using the Swiss Water advanced technology which preserves the original and quality taste of coffee, without the use of chemicals during the process. Café Joe’s capsules feature an innovative, air-tight “EVO” seal that ensures maximum coffee freshness, elevating the familiar espresso to new heights of flavor, body and aroma. The combination of this oxygen barrier and unique tamp dome “extra cream” technology generates an especially robust crema and extracts the perfect coffee from Cafe Joe’s gourmet blends, providing a rich and fulfilling coffee experience. All of the coffee is certified Kosher and created in small batches. 

Café Joe’s Nespresso compatible capsules currently come in seven original varieties. These varieties provide a wide and diverse array of taste, strength and blends.

Our Trieste variety Nespresso compatible capsule is the perfect espresso blend contains 100% select Arabica coffee beans. The blend is subtle, balanced, offering a hint of hazelnut flavor and a bitter finish.


Our original variety, the Joe Nespresso compatible capsule, is the most familiar and beloved house blend containing 100% select Arabica coffee beans. The blend is characterized by a fruity acidity and honey aftertaste. The ultimate blend for cappuccino and those who love strong and powerful espresso.

Our Chiari Nespresso compatible capsule is a blend intended for everyday pleasure, with touches of robusta coffee to create full-bodied espresso and soft and smooth cappuccino. The rich bodied cocoa and candied fruit flavored blend, with a clean finish enables you to enjoy exceptional coffee throughout the day.

 The Ultra Strong variety of our Nespresso compatible capsules is built on the Robust body of extra selected African coffees and balanced by the finest high mountain grown South American coffees, this Ultra strong blend is for when extra strong just isn’t enough. Bittersweet chocolate and cherry undertones are only the opening flavors of this dynamic blend that will continuously challenge and excite your pallet. 

Our decaffeinated blend of Nespresso compatible capsules contains 100% select coffee beans – 99.9% decaffeinated – and it corresponds with the Joe house blend. Characterized by a fruity acidity and honey finish. The blend is great for cappuccino, allowing you to enjoy a short and strong espresso in the wee hours of the night.

Lucca Nespresso compatible capsules are a strong and sweet blend containing 100% select Arabica coffee beans. As a mixture between coffee beans originating in Central and South America and coffee beans from Tanzania, the blend provides a long and smooth flow, priding itself on a full body of nutty honey and a slightly acidic finish. Perfect for espresso after a meal or for rich and pampering cappuccino.


Drawing from coffees of four continents, the Extra Strong Nespresso compatible capsules blend combines high mountain grown Arabicas with extra selected Robustas to make a truly “Extra Strong Joe blend.” Expect to find dark chocolate tones with a bright cherry finish in this all day all coffee blend. 

In addition to the seven original varieties, Café Joe USA launched 3 limited edition varieties, which are currently available for sale. The Company is always innovating and looking to add new flavors for the diversified tastes of our customers.

The excellent Caribbean taste of this Cuban limited edition Nespresso compatible capsule  blend is made from superior Arabica beans 200 years and other quality origins. The strong flavor gives new meaning to your morning cappuccino and throughout your day, when you select this sweet traditional Cuban coffee. The hints of dark chocolate and slight fragrance of Cuban tobacco. 

Our limited edition Columbia Nespresso compatible blend will sweep you in the moment to the beautiful and faraway districts of Colombia! The essence of the Colombian experience, which is refined for you to a coffee capsule that stores all the qualities of South American coffee. A unique, full-bodied blend and controlled bitterness, spiced with fruit touches, well balanced acidity and floral finish that lingers gently on your tongue and leaves you with a taste for more.

The Costa Rica limited edition Nespresso compatible capsule coffee blend is inspired by the tropical country is all you could expect from a quality Costa Rican coffee. A rich, full-bodied blend and a round taste with notes of mild sweetness and soft touches of well-balanced bitterness and sourness. The perfect pleasure to open your day here and feel a little there too.

Café Joe USA’s launched with Nespresso compatible capsules on their website The company aims to be selling on retailers such as Amazon, Jet and Walmart during Q1 2018 and expand its product line throughout 2018. The new products will include new varieties and flavors for the Nespresso compatible capsules as well as whole bean coffee, which will be sold in various blends and sizes, K-cups for single serve Keurig machines in a variety of sizes and blends and Turkish coffee. The Company is also in talks to distribute tea within the United States via web and Amazon. The Company also hopes to launch all of their product lines in other countries around the globe where consumers are quickly adopting Nespresso compatible capsules. 

Café Joe is extremely excited!

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