4 Reasons You Need a Coffee

Coffee is the most-consumed beverage in the world and for a good reason. Coffee is prepared from roasted beans, has a variety of flavors to accommodate different palates, and is packed with caffeine. If you're looking to enjoy a tasty beverage each day, there are a few reasons you need a coffee.

You're Most Productive in the Morning

Coffee is ideal to consume in the morning because it can allow you to be more alert when you're most productive. It's important to know your chronotype to learn if you can benefit from a cup of java in the morning. The Power of When explains that everyone has a different natural rhythm. Some people are meant to be more productive in the morning than at night and vice versa. Knowing what type you are can greatly help you schedule your days in a way that you’re most effective. Increasing your productivity in the morning and accomplishing a few tasks can provide you with the motivation and drive to maintain an equal level of productivity for the remainder of the day.

You're Least Productive in the Afternoon

Most people suffer from afternoon slumps when they need a nap and are feeling fatigue. It can be easy to slow down and become less productive in the afternoon when your energy levels drop, which can make it difficult to finish strong with your workday. With a cup of coffee, you can obtain a dose of caffeine that allows you to feel more alert and energized. PaleoHacks explains that this beverage is also proven to improve motor function by heightening cognitive and physical motor senses to ensure that you can continue to work for a longer period of time throughout the day. You may also notice that you become more creative and social, which can be a benefit in the workplace.

You Have a Hangover

No one likes hangovers, and everyone seems to have their own hangover recovery tips. The Recovery Village explains that hangover and withdrawal symptoms can give you headaches and nausea, and can make you more than a little irritable. Fortunately, coffee can alleviate hangover symptoms due to its caffeine content, which can allow you to feel more alert and less lethargic. The caffeine can also allow you to avoid developing a headache. It can even improve your mood by increasing dopamine levels. As a neurotransmitter, dopamine sends happy signals to your brain to improve your level of comfort while you cope with your hangover symptoms. If you find yourself suffering from a hangover weekly, it may be a sign of alcohol abuse that requires seeking proper treatment.

You're in a Mood

Coffee is proven to have positive effects on mood by improving alertness and attention. The anticipation of drinking the coffee, as well as consuming it, can offer a mood-boosting effect that can have a positive impact on your day. Coffee & Health explains, studies show that coffee can alleviate depressive symptoms and can even reduce medication side effects. An additional result of coffee’s caffeine is the release of dopamine, which controls the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. Repeated administration of 75 milligrams of caffeine, which can be obtained in one cup of coffee, every four hours can sustain an improved mood throughout the day. This can make it easier for you to feel happier.

Knowing the benefits of coffee and how it can improve your mood will encourage you to reach for a cup of the beverage more often. Not only will the flavor prove to be satisfying, but also the energy boost that it provides will make it an important staple in your diet and daily routine.

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